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New York Flagship

We welcome you to visit our sunny Hudson riverfront design studio in Irvington, NY!

Irvington, NY

***Opening November 2020***

As of November 1, 2020, we will be saying goodbye to our beloved Brooklyn shop, Schone Bride.

While this news is sad, we are thrilled to now offer a more intimate design experience with Rebecca herself, out of our gorgeous atelier in Irvington, NY!

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We believe that finding your perfect wedding day look should be fun, judgement-free, playful, and positive! At Rebecca Schoneveld Bridal we are dedicated to listening closely to what you want, giving you our care, patience, and expertise as we help you navigate the many options we have to offer.

Whether you are a fully-customized kind of woman who wants to make a big statement, or a more low-key bride who just wants to be comfortable and relaxed, we are here for you!

We also are proud to work with women of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, and cultures. We specialize in a "modern-classic" look, with options ranging from clean and modern, to ballerina pretty, to a touch bohemian, to classic Old Hollywood glam. At our Flagship Atelier, we have invested in about 100 design samples. Our samples range in size, mostly from size 6 to 18, with the hope that as many of our clients as possible will feel completely welcome and at ease.

Our Brooklyn Atelier, 2019

The majority of Rebecca's collection is made right here in New York. We believe in keeping the craft of dressmaking alive in New York City, and we are honored to have the opportunity to create heirloom-quality gowns for our brides.

We Believe in Creating a Wedding Experience that is Genuinely Positive and Personal.

Studio Schone

In past generations, most women wore heirloom gowns, or made their own gown, perhaps with the loving help of their mothers or grandmother. In today's modern culture of rapid production and consumption, we are advocates of slowing down and noticing the details, especially at the pivotal moment of a marriage celebration.

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